Friday, August 21, 2009


Day 527
Due to the Swedish asshole from the night before I didn't sleep well and woke up late and in a foul mood. After breakfast I checked my email at the hostel. As it had been dark there was no way for me to recognize the Swedish guy. I was hoping that he would recognize me though so that I could call him some more names. That never happened though.

Instead I headed out to see Cluj's pretty main square and cathedral. On the way to the history museum I picked up a hotdog for lunch. I had really wanted to see this museum, I had heard that it was quite good. It was the only reason I had stayed here today. It was, of course, closed for refurbishment. I'm so freaking sick of those words!

I was tired, sick and very irritated. I've been gone for a very long time now and the things that used to be minor irritants are really pissing me off now. Travel is less fun than it used to be. I think my goal at this point is just to finish Europe.

I ended up at a nice tea shop writing in my journal for some time. I then went to an internet cafe to type it up. When I was done I went back to the hostel to shower and pack. I also took a nap.

A few hours later I headed out for some food and back to the internet cafe to chat with some people from home. It was my dad's birthday and I wanted to give him a call.

When I got back to the hostel I went right to bed and watched movies on my ipod until I fell asleep. At one point one of the other people in the room came over and asked if I was ok. I told him that I was fine, that I just had a cold and thanked him for his concern. Luckily asshole Swedes are a minority of the people traveling.

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