Thursday, November 20, 2008

Passport Frenzy

Day 254
Christine and I were up rather early and went to the same place for lunch as we had the day before. As I didn't really have anything pressing to visit in Vienna I decided to spend the day wandering the area with Christine and chatting.

We walked to the river and checked out the view from a few different bridges. When we found a pharmacy Christine helped me to stock up on some of the things that had begun to run low. Around this time she got a phone alarm reminding her about and appointment and had to run off pretty quickly. I went back to her apartment and packed my things before heading out.

I just my my bus to the Bratislava airport. I was finally cashing in on the special thing I bought for myself back in Prague, I was headed to London. The bus ride was fine, the chaos didn't begin until it was time to check in. When my bag was scanned they security guy made me pull out my deck of UNO cards and inspected them thoroughly. That was pretty weird. When it was time to go through immigration the first guy couldn't get my passport to do whatever it needed to do. The second person who tried had problems as well, but did eventually stamp it. I've sorta overstayed my welcome in the
Schengen area and this was worrying me quite a bit.

During the flight I slept and really forgot all about the whole visa thing. I guess that this is why I wasn't prepared for the immigration woman at Stansted to start asking so many questions. I hadn't bothered to come up with half truth answers and was at a loss. I think she figured out that I had been in
Schengen for too long, however, that is quite different from the UK. After about 15 minutes of questions she stamped me in. I ran down to the train, but was disappointed to see that I had missed it by three minutes.

I gave Katherine a call to tell her when I would be arriving. After finally getting on the train and getting to London just walking around the city was a treat. I love it here so much. I luckily managed to find Katherines flat with little effort and we chatted for a bit before calling it a night.

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