Monday, November 10, 2008

Ruined Day

Day 244
It was once again nice out and I was determined to take advantage of it. I managed to get my act together quicker than usual. I also spoke with Cam and Emma and figured out how to actually get to the little bird castle ruins. It turns out that I was really far off the day before.

Instead of going around the castle, I was meant to actually cut through the gardens and come out on the other end. The ground was still slick, but I started up the small hill anyway. I wondered just how smart it was for me, a rather accident prone person, to be on a slippery and seldom visited trail. I decided to just push that thought out of my mind.

The first thing I came to was a building foundation and an arch. I was a bit disappointed, I couldn't believe that this was it. I persevered though and found that it wasn't. The little bird palace wasn't so much a place, but a square building with a dome on top. What was so odd was there somehow people had climbed up to the top and signed their names on it. This was right out of an issue of Weird NJ magazine, or it would have been if this was in NJ.

When I started down the shortcut back I twisted my ankle and fell down. I knew this would happen. I stayed there for a minute complaining to myself, but quickly realized that this would get me nowhere. Instead I got up and walked it off. In just a few minutes I was good as new. I was also very close to being at the castle gardens again.

Due to my early start it was just after noon. My stomach was growling. I really wanted to eat at the tea place, but it didn't open until one. I went to the monastery and took pictures. This only killed about five minutes. To kill the rest of the hour I would have had to walk the rest of the town twice. I gave up and got a sandwich instead. Over lunch I worked on my journal. The tea place was open when I was done so I enjoyed some dessert dune and wrote some more.

After tea I went to the St. Vitus Cathedral. It wasn't anything special. There were all sorts of signs that said no photos, but they were in Czech and German, not English. There was a rather large Japanese tour group there. They were ignoring the signs so I decided to do the same.

After dinner at the hostel I headed out with some guys from the hostel to the Horror Bar. No one was really feeling it though and we ended up back at the hostel watching movies.

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