Friday, January 9, 2009

Still Waiting

Day 303
There was no need to set my alarm and I tried to sleep in. The beds were awful though. Not only were they uncomfortable but they were very loud and soon I was up. After a McDonald's breakfast I went in search of a different internet cafe. The one I had been going to wouldn't read my memory stick and I wasn't able to work in the blog there. My search proved fruitless though and I ended up there anyways just to watch tv and to type of some entries.

Eventually it was time to make my third and last trip to the Thai Embassy. I was a bit early and grabbed lunch nearby. Eventually the doors opened and in just a few minutes I had a shinny new visa in my passport. As I was checking it out I heard several screams from outside. There was some sort of protest march going on. By the time I was ready to leave it had just about passed and I had no problems leaving.

It's probably not too difficult what I did next. I went to the mall to see another movie. However I didn't stay for dinner. For some reason local food was once again not appealing to me and I had been eating far too much fast food again. I made myself go to a place near my hostel in Chinatown. It wasn't bad, it wasn't that good either, but it sure beat McDonald's.

After dinner I spent a bit of time online and then headed up to the bar. There was a going away party for a couple at the end of their trip. I chatted with a few people but didn't stay long. I wanted to be sure to make my 9 am bus to Thailand in the morning.

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