Thursday, January 8, 2009


Day 302
I was up before my alarm clock and tried to climb out of my super creaky bed without waking everyone up.

Malaysians must be some of the most patient people in the world. Just to go 10 minutes on the subway you have to wait in line to buy a ticket, then you have to wait in line to board, several trains may go by while this happens. Next you have to wait in line to get on the escalator and finally there is one last line just to leave you destination station.

I got to the Thai Embassy a bit early and waited outside a bit before getting to go in. When I did I filled out the paper work and waited in line for about 20 minutes. It seemed like everyone had to chat for a bit but I just dropped mine off without any problems.

After I was done I headed towards the train station. Enroute a French guy stopped me to ask about my Thailand plans. He was rather attractive and I said yes when he asked if I would like to have lunch with him. As it turned out he didn't speak English well and no matter how slowly I spoke or how careful I was with my word choice he didn't seem to understand me. He was on the rude side as well and all I could think of was how quickly I could leave. Right when the check was about to arrive he asked me something very dirty and inappropriate. I was so shocked that he thought he had the wrong word and repeated it. After paying my portion of the bill I made sure to quickly walk off in the other direction.

I headed to the mall and watched another movie. When it was over I made another stop at the internet cafe. After dinner I headed back to the roof bar. Once again not much was going on and I soon went to sleep.

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