Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seoul Town

Day 466
Today was my last day in Seoul and I still had town things on my list. After breakfast I checked my email, Kamiel and I had planned to meet up. I didn't want to wait too long though and ended up just sending him a message about where I would be going.

My first stop was the Namsangol Hanok Village. This was a collection of traditional homes from around the country. I walked around some of it, it was very much like everything I had seen in China and I was soon board.

I then went to the History Museum. This museum had something I had never seen before, a fancy toilet. There was a seat warmer and all sorts of fun buttons to explore. As for the museum itself, it was ok. I'm just so tired of Asian things, it is really time for me to move along from this part of the world.

After the museum I returned to the hostel and got an email from Kamiel about when he would be stopping by. We called his couchsurf host and invited her to join us for dinner. The first thing I noticed about Yeon was how American her accent was. It turned out that she had lived in New York for 7 years. We spent a lot of the evening arguing about who made the best bagels and chatting about our favorite places in the city.

I know that I was never meant to be here, but I'm so glad that it happened.

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