Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Church

Day 547
Today we slept in later, but it didn't make my feet feel any better and I think Edward felt the same. Instead of walking we took the metro the same same place we had found it the night before. It had looked like a nice area and we soon found a place for breakfast.

Neither of us felt much like walking so we just wandered over to the Cathedral. It wasn't nearly as impressive as I remember it being the last time around. I guess that I've just seen a lot more churches now.

We then sat down at a near by cafe and had some beers before heading back to the hotel. We both knew that if we stayed out all day again that we wouldn't go out at night.

After a bit of a rest we went out for a really nice dinner complimented with fireworks. I have no idea why. We then headed to the Marxism Cafe, a place that I had gone to last time. It's decorated with a communist motif. That might have been obvious though. We did get pretty lost finding it though. Edward had been joking that my clumsiness has worn off on him and I think that his inability to read a map has worn off on me! After a few drinks we had the bartender call us a cab as it was too late for the metro and went back to the hotel.

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