Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally No Alarm

Day 552
It was amazing to get to sleep in after all the recent crazy early mornings. The cleaning lady kept turning on and off the lights at 9 am though. It was rather distracting. When I did wake up I went for breakfast and a wander.

Split really was like stepping back in time. Croatia seems to have a theme of that. The streets in the old town were pedestrian only and really nice for wandering. It was also not over crowded. Split is here the Roman Emperor Diocletian used to summer. Most of the old city is his open air palace.

My first stop was the world’s oldest Catholic Church. The structure was originally Diocletian’s mausoleum. This is really sorta funny because one of his favorite pastimes was to slaughter Christians. The inside was beautiful but rather small. I decided against walking up the wonky staircase for a view from the tower. I was actually just being really lazy.

After lunch and some more aimless wandering I went to the underground chambers. These were built during Roman times and were used until the middle ages. They were then abandoned and filled in with dirt and garbage. Some of the rooms have still not been cleared. It was really quite fascinating.

At this point I was bored and headed back to the hostel to watch movies. Later on I headed out to buy my bus ticket for the next day and to get dinner. When I got back to the hostel I showered and packed. I had to be up early and didn’t want to wake the others in my room.

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