Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back in Time

Day 551

I was once again up stupid early and headed to the bus station. The bus was almost empty and I slept for quite a bit of it.

As soon as I arrived to Zadar I bought my onward ticket and put my bags into storage. It took me about 20 minutes to walk to the center of the old Roam city. My guidebook said that it was like time travel and it was.

A quick stop at the tourist office told me that I had only about 30 minutes to see the best of the churches before they closed for the afternoon. My first stop was the Church of St. Simeon. I had a bottle of coke with me and instead of telling me to leave it outside he just yelled at me to get out. He actually screamed! I would have thought that only nice people could work at churches. I put my coke down by the door and he gave me dirty looks as I walked in, but he couldn’t prevent me this time. The church wasn’t even all that impressive. There were some bits of old mosaics and a golden coffin for some saint, but that was it.

My next church was an old round Roman one. No one said anything about my coke. There just wasn’t much to look at on the inside.

I then picked up lunch and spend some time online organizing a place to stay for the night and photos. I ended up waiting out some rain as well.

When the rain had gone I wondered the small streets just enjoying being transported back in time. I stopped at the sea organ for some time. I’m not sure if it’s the wind or the water, but the melancholy sounds float up from beneath the dock. I made a few attempts to record it, but the wind was too loud.

When I had finished wandering I sat in a café and drank some tea while writing in my journal. I was at the bus station early and managed to get an earlier bus. Soon I was on my way to Split and in about 3.5 hours I was there. Once again the directions to the hostel sucked and I only made it there because one of the souvenir vendors gave me a map for free.

The hostel was really weird. The common room and the computers were in the bedroom. I was really exhausted but there were people partying in the room next door and I could hear everything. Sleep was difficult.

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