Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Punches Back

Day 550
I was up stupid early again and packed quickly. The cab was waiting for me when I got outside. I had no problems making my train, it was actually the same one from the day before, just to its end destination this time.

When the passport person came on board she asked me how long I have been traveling. I tried to say that I started in the EU in Bratislava, but she only cared that I had been in Slovenia for just one day. The Croatian person didn't care about anything.

Once in Zagreb I hopped on a tram and soon was at my hostel. After checking in I headed right back out. There was a lot to see.

I didn't get far though. About three minutes after pulling out the tram to a sudden stop. It threw people not holding on tightly and an elderly woman fell out of her chair. It wasn't until we started moving again that I could see that the tram had h it an orange VW beetle. This is the second time that I've been in a public transport accident, the first was in Italy 6 years ago.

The main square was nice, but there were too many advertisements on the nice buildings. Everyone seemed really friendly as well. I felt zero desire to go to a museum so I checked out the church and just sort of wandered around the different parts of town. There is something different about Croatia, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

I eventually sat down to a traditional lunch before buying a bus ticket for the next morning. I think that the rest of the travel done on this trip will be all by bus. Back at the hostel I laid down for an hour before going back out and buying some dinner. The hostel had a descent move collection and I watched a few before calling it a night.

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