Monday, September 14, 2009

Say that 3 times fast

Day 549
When I disembarked in Ljubljana my tiredness felt like a veil. I called the recommended cab company and in a few minutes they were there. When I got to the hostel I rang the bell and thought that they weren't there. I had emailed them my arrival time and they had confirmed that it was ok so I was a bit annoyed. But I didn't need to be because the guy soon let me in. I spent and hour hanging out in the basement online while I waited to check in. At 8 am breakfast was served and after eating I was able to sleep for a few hours.

When I woke up I went for a wander. The down town area was really cute. I was disappointed to see that the Franciscan church was closed. The parliament building had some really weird statues on the outside of it.

It was Monday and everything was closed except for the National Museum, the only one I wanted to see. There had been a large Roman presence here, well there has been a lot of different groups here and they left about 900 castles. Also tv arrived in 1958.

When I was done at the museum I walked along the Ljubljanica river. This was really a beautiful little place. The pretty St. Nicholas Cathedral was also disappointingly shut. The dragon bridge was really cool though. I thought that I'd get a dragon souvenir, but they were all quite expensive.

Before heading back to the hostel I spent some time writing in my journal. I also picked up some food at the supermarket. After cooking dinner I watched some tv but called it an early night. I had another early morning to look forward to.

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