Thursday, September 10, 2009

I See Dead People

Day 545
I woke up around 6 am needing to use the toilet I was in shock when I looked over and saw that the guy in the bunk bed next to mine had, um, fallen out of his underwear if you catch my drift. I had problems sleeping after that and had to be out by 9 am anyway so I just packed and showered and put my things in storage.

After a short walk I was at the train station and soon headed to Vac. I was sleepy but determined to not miss my stop. On the way I passed a town called God. The walk into town wasn't very impressive, but the main square was ever so cute.

After picking up some info I headed to the White Friars Church crypt, my reason for coming here. In 1995 during renovations a forgotten crypt was untethered. There were 262 coffins, mostly form the mid 18th century. They were opened and it turned out that the bodies had been naturally preserved. The exhibition is called Memento Mori. I thought that I would see all the coffins and several mummies, but only about 12 coffins were on display and 3 mummies. The coffins were very brightly painted. One of the mummies was male, the other female. There was also a child whose hands were amazing well preserved. The rest of the exhibit was about 18th century funerals and things that had been found with the bodies.

After popping my head into the church I found that the next museum I wanted to visit didn't open for a few hours. I grabbed some lunch and then went to the internet cafe to do some work.

I then went to the Wine Museum. This is basically a restaurant with a lot of old, never opened, wine bottles on display. It would have been a nice place to have dinner at. The kind woman working there let me try a handful of wines and I ended buying a bottle, I sort of felt obliged after how nice she had been.

When I was done I headed back to Budapest. This time I couldn't keep my eyes opened and only woke up because an elderly woman tapped me on the shoulder and told me that we had arrived. Well, I think that's what she said, I don't speak Hungarian. After some dinner I went to the other train station to try and figure out how to get to my next destination. The information woman was very unhelpful, even for Eastern Europe, and just told me to go to Vienna. I guess she felt that I would be Austria's problem then.

I had several more hours to kill until Edward arrived from London. I found a great internet cafe and watched movies. I was too excited to do any work. When I knew that his plane had landed I headed back to the hostel to pick up my things. I had planned on sitting there for another half hour but the girl at reception wanted to sleep so I would have had to sit in the dark. I just asked her to call me a cab and went to the hotel that we were meeting at.

I really can imagine what I looked like to those people. I'd been out all day and although it wasn't hot it wasn't cool either so I must of just looked messy. On top of that I'm lugging around a rather worn looking bag, I am definitely the definition of a ratty backpacker at this point. Knowing this I ignored the looks I got from the guys at reception as I asked if Edward had arrived yet. I knew that he hadn't, I just wanted them to know why I was waiting there. Despite them knowing this security still came over and made me confirm that I was staying at the hotel and not just trying to sleep there for the night.

When Edward walked in about 15 minutes later he came over and gave me a big hug and kiss before even checking in. When he went to check in the guys at reception apparently said asked "if the woman was with him." I know that I'm a backpacker but I have feelings too! Most of the time I don't even smell and I don't look like my address is 1234 brown cardboard box, corner of destitute and hopeless. Plus I used to stay at really nice places when I traveled for work.

Even though it hadn't been that long it was so nice to see a familiar face. It was nice to not be traveling alone, even if it was just for a few days.

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