Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long, Long Ago

Day 541
After some breakfast I headed out to explore the town. Pecs is by far the cutest place and most unique city I've been to in some time. I soon decided to stay here longer than I had originally planned.

I decided to spend the day visiting several early Christian burial grounds spread around the city. The first was called Cella Septichora and was the largest. A lot of it was just the remains of walls and empty graves. However, there were a handful of well preserved fresco's to check out. The second site was called Okereszteny Mausoleum and was quite small. It was all murals though and really cool. At the third and fourth places there was only one ticket checker and one of the sites was down the street. It was kinda cool to get a private tour. There wasn't much to see though. One of the sites had two sets of skeletal remains, one was a child, and the other some simple paintings.

Next up was the cathedral. It was quite pretty and I enjoyed the baroque carvings. There was a odd newness about it. In fact, as much as I like Pecs there is a odd newness to it all. They are redoing the whole town because next year it will be Europe's capital of culture. This means that half of the museums are shut and that the main square is all dug up. It's going to look beautiful though!

While I had been waiting for my lunch the day before I had done a lot of writing in my journal. I sat down and typed a lot of it up at an internet cafe before heading back and making myself dinner.

I spent the evening drinking wine and hanging out with the other people in the hostel.

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